Looking to add fencing that complements your modern architectural style? Or perhaps you just prefer a sleeker feel when it comes to your outdoor decor. Slat fencing might be for you! Providing high quality services in Perth, this style can be used in any outdoor areas such as for garden and pool fencing.

Slat fencing is also a popular choice for inlays for brick fences. It is a modern and stylish form of fencing that comes with clean lines and a sharp finish. It is often used for privacy. This includes privacy from neighbours on decks and patios in your backyard.

We are able to construct slat fences using a variety of materials, including steel, aluminium and timber. These materials are all of the highest quality and are incredibly durable, ensuring their longevity. We have varying sizes and widths of picket available, allowing you to achieve the level of privacy that your home or space requires.

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